Death Satellite Program

The team had warned before the contract was awarded to Boeing, that the program had lofty technological goals, and these goals were unattainable given the budgetary amount earmarked and schedule set for the spy satellite program to be completed.

  1. death of a spy satellite program
  2. death of satellite program

The government was also concerned with the wasteful habit prevalent at the satellite agency.. The case discuses how budgetary constrain, and how a new comer in the future imagery business helped bring to the demise of the spy satellite program.. To curb what it described as free- spending habit, the government decided to impose stringent spending guidelines for all new satellite programs.. The spy satellite program had failed due to a set of compounding issues In 1998 during the Clinton administration, the federal government in an effort to control cost and downsize government decided to award big military project to private contractors.. Thus, the federal government imposed a $5 billion spending cap on the first five years of the Future Imagery Architecture.

death of a spy satellite program

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The case also discusses how the federal government ignored warning signals from an internals assessment team tasked to study the attainability of the program.

death of satellite program

This week’s case discusses what led to the collapse of the spy satellite program.

The thinking is that private contractors are better placed to manage cost and engineering work. 5ebbf469cd